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Success is not accidental; it's strategic. This session is your secret weapon for crafting a successful week. Elevate your planning, elevate your business.

At the end of every week, successful entrepreneurs don't just wind down; they gear up for the next level. Join us each Friday for a transformative Weekly Planning Boost, your gateway to strategic success.

What to Expect:

  1. Reflect on the Past: Take a moment to review the week that's passed. What worked? What didn't? Our session begins with a thoughtful reflection on your wins, challenges, and lessons learned.

  2. Gather Your Data: Numbers tell a powerful story. We guide you through the process of gathering and analyzing crucial data, from financial metrics to key performance indicators (KPIs), providing the foundation for informed decision-making.

  3. Content Plan Review: Your content is your voice. We'll delve into your content strategy, reviewing what resonated with your audience and fine-tuning your plan for the week ahead.

  4. Set Benchmarks: Establishing benchmarks is the compass for your journey. We help you set realistic yet ambitious benchmarks, creating a roadmap for your business's continuous growth.

  5. Strategic Goal Setting: What are your goals for the upcoming week? Together, we outline clear, actionable objectives aligned with your broader business strategy.

  6. Problem-Solving Mastery: Encounter roadblocks during the week? Our Weekly Planning Boost is the space to strategize solutions, ensuring you face challenges head-on.


Who is it For?

  • Entrepreneurs of All Stages: Whether you're just starting or scaling, our Weekly Planning Boost is tailored to entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

  • Data-Driven Decision Makers: If you believe in the power of data for making informed decisions, this session is your data-driven ally.

Yearning for dedicated time to propel your business forward? Imagine having a structured space to not only focus on your goals but also to reflect on and document your weekly progress. 

Envision a scenario where you consistently dedicate time to your goals, armed with guidance to navigate challenges and celebrate successes. Experience the satisfaction of a documented journey, setting the stage for sustained growth and achievement.

Join our weekly sessions designed for entrepreneurs seeking clarity and guidance. With a proven framework, we'll meticulously review the week behind and ahead of you, providing dedicated time to assess your achievements, set benchmarks, and record your journey.

Ready to transform your weekly routine? Embrace the power of structured reflection and guidance. Join Business Power Hour and let's make every week a stepping stone towards your success!

Your goals deserve dedicated time and expert guidance. Elevate your business journey now!


The Sessions:

  • Thursday/Friday sessions recommended

  • Guided session - Bring your numbers, your ideas, and get elevated!

  • Receive handouts to keep you organized and planning every week.

  • Join NOW before the session fills up!

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