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Growth Blueprint Membership Program

As a business that specializes in business consulting and administrative support for passionate entrepreneurs who are dedicated to serving others, we have crafted a membership experience that redefines collaboration and empowers your business to thrive.


Membership Program Highlights

Our membership program is designed to provide passionate entrepreneurs like you with an exceptional environment to network, learn, collaborate, and achieve your business goals.  We know that with the demands of growing your business it can be difficult to find like-minded individuals to network with while building your business. 


Our goal with this membership is to create a network of synergistic individuals that you can look to as collaborative and referral partners, a place where you will receive business support, a supportive community that celebrates accomplishments of its members, and to provide you with strategic guidance and educational forums for your business – all within a community of individuals who share similar goals and visions.












Foundation Level - $60/month

  • 2 networking events per month with other members and visiting applicants

  • Access to educational component included as part of each networking event

  • Access to event replays and chat transcripts

Powerhouse Level (Premium) - $110/month

  • All Foundation level benefits

  • Monthly mastermind sessions with other Powerhouse level members for collaborative problem-solving

  • Monthly individualized mini strategy session with Andrea

  • Access to an online directory of members for potential collaborations

  • Access to regularly scheduled publicized virtual events hosted by MBA to increase your visibility and authority in your field

Ready to unlock the power of purposeful networking and take your business to new heights?


Join our membership program and experience the difference of a community that is committed to your success. Through expert-backed support, carefully curated events, and personalized guidance, we are here to empower you to thrive as an entrepreneur.

Start the process of becoming a member today and discover the power of collaboration, empowerment, and innovation in a thriving community.
Image by Hannah Busing
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