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Are you tired of your business strategies relying on the flip of a coin?

Imagine a world where your business decisions are strategic, targeted, and lead to measurable results. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of trial and error.  It's time to take control and elevate your business game! 

Andrea Swanner

Small Business Owner. Consultant. Strategist.

Hi, I am Andrea Swanner.  As a multi-small business owner and business consultant, I understand the frustration of relying on guesswork and random strategies.  That's why I am passionate about offering personalized, one-on-one sessions that are unique and tailored to you and your business.  I want to work with you to find tailored solutions to fit the challenges you currently face and create solutions to meet your individual business goals.

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During our session, we will:

Dive deep into your unique business challenges

Discuss your business aspirations

Explore business opportunities

With each 90-minute strategy session you will receive:

  • Dedicated, individual support in a session that you choose on a date and time that works with your schedule

  • A customized plan of action complete with clear milestones for you to self-review and track progress, enabling you to stay on track and effectively work toward your identified goals

  • A video recording of the strategy session

  • Follow-up support: 1 included 15-minute virtual follow-up session to address any questions or concerns after the initial session

  • Email support: To ensure you have ongoing support, you have unlimited email support for 2 weeks (14 days) after the scheduled and completed session to answer any questions related to your project.

I believe in tailoring strategies that align with your specific needs.  No cookie-cutter solutions here.  Together, we will analyze your current business landscape and craft a customized plan that maximizes your potential for success. 💹

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to clarity and confidence.  These individualized strategy sessions will provide you with actionable insights, practical strategies, and a roadmap toward your business goals.
If you are looking for dedicated support for a specific project or program, developing an action plan to achieve business goals, targeted guidance, practical insights, and actionable strategies to propel your business forward, or if you want to review and develop effective processes or evaluate the logic behind achieving a goal, addressing a project, or overcoming business obstacles without being locked into a long-term, program a strategy session would be perfect for you!

Don't miss this opportunity to take your business to new heights.  I would love to get to know more about you and your business.  Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation today to find out more about how a customized plan designed specifically for you can unlock the power of your business and take you to new heights.  🚀

$189 Investment
per Session

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